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At The Forensics Files, we know that it can be difficult for new debate teachers to teach the philosophical concepts used in debate.  Even for veteran debate coaches, there can be unknown concepts and/or it can be difficult to figure out what to do with students who remain in the classroom when the coach takes their team out to compete on weekends.   Often substitutes do not know debate and so cannot fully continue lessons.   It can be difficult, especially on a block schedule, to keep students busy when the coach is out. 


These worksheets are designed with all of this in mind.   These worksheets are designed to empower students to work on their own with enough to keep them busy for a substantial amount of time.   The material was selected by a professional educator to ensure it was on level and clear so students can understand it. 


The bundled worksheets are put together in historical order to help build understanding of these concepts and how these concepts correlate with each other.   It is our belief that teaching in this order would be most effective.  


We also tried to keep paper use in mind so that teacher’s can minimize their paper use.  


Each worksheet includes:


  • Multiple reading sections written by highly qualified authorities
  • 25 short answer questions
  • Multiple critical thinking questions asking students to apply what they have learned
  • Images to help concretize the information
  • A complete answer key

Virtue Ethics - Criterion Philosophy Worksheets

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