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About the NJSD. The National Journal of Speech & Debate (NJSD) was founded in 2012 to provide a forum for discussion about current trends in speech and debate and to recommend rule or policy changes to be proposed at district meetings and organizational conferences. Our articles have been cited and read in rounds at the National Debate Tournament and in out-rounds at the Tournament of Champions. We aspire to continue our strong tradition of contributing innovative ideas on current issues in the speech and debate community.

Submissions & Guidelines. We are seeking submissions from coaches, judges, and qualified students and accept submissions on a rolling basis. Publishing scholarly articles may, for coaches, count toward professional development and raise one’s profile in the community. For students and judges, publishing articles can also enhance one’s ability to getting scholarships, job offers, and admission into further academic programs. View the NJSD's Submission Guidelines here

Current Issue

Volume 7, Issue 2 (Click Here)

The Two Types of Debate Tabulation Software


By Étienne Beaulé

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