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This slideshow is bullet pointed for easy note taking. It comes with 130 slides that cover topics such as:

• Solvency • Negative Arguments • Topicality Overview • Topicality Exercises • Topicality - 5 Steps • Arguing the other Stock Issues • Disadvantages • Counterplans • Kritiks • Evidence • Flowing • Tournaments The Topic • The Sides • The Judge • The Speeches • The Format • Preparation “Prep” Time • The Role of the Affirmative • The Role of the Negative • The Roles of the Speeches • Cross-Examination • Stock Issues • Topicality • Inherency • Harms

These slideshows are an excellent way to spruce up your presentation to the class with a bright, attractive, multimedia lecture supplement. These slideshows will also eliminate the need to write on the chalkboard or find your lecture notes at the beginning of each new school year. This powerpoint slideshow will ensure you cover beginning policy comprehensively every year.

Impress your class with your computer savvy! Impress your administration with your use of a multimedia presentation! Purchase the new beginning policy powerpoint today!

Beginner CX Powerpoint

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