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NJSD Submission Guidelines

Submissions must:

1. Be in Word format (.doc or .docx); acceptable range of word count varies from about 500 to 5,000. Longer manuscripts may be considered for good cause.

2. Be in Size-12, Times New Roman font;

3. Contain a title, and subtitle if applicable, at the beginning of the document;

4. Contain a short biographical statement about the author (1-2 sentences);

5. Be written in English (occasional foreign words, such as tabula rasa, are permissible);

6. Contain citations, if applicable, in footnotes. Each citation should include:
(a) an individual or organizational author’s name if available;
(b) title of referenced material;
(c) date of publication or copyright if available;
(d) name of the publication or website; and
(e) sufficient information to enable a reader to find the information on the material.
*Submissions' citations need not be in any particular form so long as each citation contains the above information. We will format in Bluebook form.

7. Be submitted to with the Subject line of  “NJSD Journal Submission"

Your submission is more likely to be selected for publication if it:

1. Addresses a current issue in the speech and debate community;

2. Presents well-reasoned arguments in support of any position the author takes or a well-explained analysis of the current issue;

3. Contains sufficient citations to other materials that your article refers to; and

4. Is well-written and professional.

We will get back to you as soon as practical with regard to whether we will publish your submitted article. Submissions will be returned to you with editorial changes via email for final approval prior to publication. Failure to reasonably comply with the Journal’s editorial schedule may result in the removal of your article from publication. Questions should be directed to Michael Ritter at

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